Choosing the Right Podiatry Chair

Before you buy your next podiatry chair, MTI would like to have you consider all the details. Here is some friendly advice to help your purchase be successful.

Q: Do you sit for examinations or procedures?

A: If you sit for procedures, then save some money by buying a chair with only power back and tilt. We would recommend the MTI 526 Dual-Power Pedestal Base Chair.

Q: Do you stand for examinations or procedures?

A: If you stand for procedures, then consider a chair that offers power lift, in addition to a power back and tilt. This gives you the next level of features at an affordable price. We would recommend the MTI 527 Tri-Power Chair.

Q: Do you need a knee-break?

A: The next level chair provides full functionality by adding a power footrest function. This is the Cadillac of chairs, which offers the convenience for patients easily enter from the front of the chair while still accommodating disabled or elderly patients. We would recommend the low-cost MTI 530 Quad-Power Chair or the MTI 450 Quad Power Chair that offers an additional leg extension.

Q: Do you need a bariatric chair?

A: If you work with patients that exceed 500 lbs., then we would recommend a bariatric chair, which provides up to 800 lb. lift capacity and a 30” wide seat. MTI would recommend our lower cost chair with a contour seat, the MTI 527W Tri-Power Bariatric Chair. We also offer a knee break with a leg extension model called the MTI 450W Quad-Power Bariatric Table.

Q: What else should you consider when buying a chair?

A: Choose seamless upholstery that is Velcro®-attached which allows you to easily replace sections of upholstery. Verify the chair uses low-voltage DC motors instead of hydraulic or high-voltage AC motors. Low-voltage DC motors don’t use oil and use fewer moving parts, eliminating oil leaks and reducing repairs in the future. Verify the lift capacity to make sure your chairs can exceed 600 lbs. Finally, see if your chair offers 19” entry height so that you may qualify for the ADA Tax Credit.

Download this Buyers Guide will help you make the best decision when you are purchasing your next podiatry chair. We are proud at MTI to say that our chairs meets this level of performance. If you would like to contact one of friendly sales representatives to help your choose the right chair, contact us at 877-708-6033, or

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