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Is your practice ready to stand out in 2024? MTI Can help.

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With more than 25 years of experience, MTI is your trusted specialty medical equipment provider.

Based in Salt Lake City we’ve been manufacturing high-quality patient and physician-oriented medical/dental tables, chairs, cabinets, lights, stools & side chairs developed and designed for the dermatology specialist. In fact, we pride ourselves on working hand-in-hand with physicians around the country to determine exactly how we design our products.

Dermatology expertise and simple purchasing

Why choose MTI?

MTI understands the unique needs of the dermatology field.

  • Stop worrying about your equipment. Decrease exam room downtime and costly repairs with equipment built to stand up to the rigors of medical procedures.

  • Decrease caregiver fatigue with equipment designed to make providing service to all patient types easier.

  • Compare and contrast different models, with dermatology specific features, to choose the right products for your practice’s needs.

MTI works with individual practices and collective groups to provide a simple process.

  • Individual practices have specific purchasing requirements. We already work with most US and Canadian dealers to make purchasing and installation easier.

  • Practices that are part of larger groups must typically buy within preexisting agreements. If your group hasn’t worked with MTI, we can quickly set up a purchasing agreement to make it simple for you to choose our equipment. Reach out to [email protected].