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About MTI

MTI Engineers Medical Equipment with Specialists & Patients in Mind.

MTI manufactures high-quality patient and physician oriented medical/dental tables, chairs, cabinets, lights, stools & side chairs for podiatrists, wound care specialists, otolaryngologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons and oral surgeons.

Always looking to the future, MTI is committed to continually produce high-quality and competitively priced products while remaining dedicated to customers, associates, and the community.

Why Buy From MTI

Heightened Care Experience

Improve Patient Outcomes

Patient and Caregiver Safety

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Highest Quality on the Market

Affordable Innovation

Designed for the Specialist

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MTI has sales representatives and/or distributors throughout the world to assist you during the sales and installation process. Our products are sold direct or through a distributor depending on your geographic location and/or specialty.

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