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Catering to ophthalmologists, MTI offers top-tier procedure chairs and specialized exam room equipment renowned for unparalleled quality at a competitive rate. Our ophthalmology chairs come equipped with adjustable headrests and various accessories, complemented by thin tapered backs and powered footrest extensions. For seamless patient transition, our mobile stretcher bed features a compact battery. Driven by cutting-edge technology, MTI’s chairs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of ophthalmic surgeons.

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Patients can stay calm and relaxed in the comfort of MTI’s soft and ergonomically-designed ophthalmology exam and procedure chairs. With fully powered, programmable convenience and smooth Soft Start/Stop technology, the chairs’ movements transition patient positions effortlessly to the ideal exam position, even at higher patient capacities. Additionally, the smart controls and tapered back make working with patients in our chairs comfortable for caregivers.

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Patient and caregiver safety is top of mind in all of MTI ophthalmology equipment designs. All of our ophthalmology chairs are built with sturdy, low profile bases with leveling glides that prevent tipping or wobbling when working on patients. Each chair is built on a welded steel frame to support heavy loads over many years without instability. Many of our G2 chairs include Safety Lockout™, safe zones, and Collision Avoidance System™ to help keep the chair in safe positions.

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ADA Compliance

MTI is a leading manufacturer of ADA compliant exam and procedure room chairs. Our ADA compliant podiatry chairs feature a lower seat entry height, providing individuals with disabilities the convenience and safety of secure transfers from wheelchairs. When combined with a transfer rail, patients can independently transfer themselves with reduced caregiver assistance, minimizing the risk of injuries for both patients and caregivers.

Investing in an ADA compliant MTI exam/procedure chair not only improves patient comfort and accessibility but also offers attractive tax benefits under Section 44 and Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code. By leveraging these tax advantages, healthcare providers can reduce their tax liability, increase their cash flow, and create a more financially sustainable practice. Moreover, supporting accessibility and compliance reinforces the commitment to inclusive care and enhances the reputation of healthcare facilities. Make a tax-wise decision and invest in an ADA compliant MTI exam/procedure chair today. Experience the benefits of improved patient care, enhanced accessibility, and significant tax savings for your healthcare practice.

Consult with a tax professional to fully understand and maximize the tax benefits associated with ADA compliant chair purchases. Unlock the tax advantages while promoting accessibility and delivering exceptional care experiences to patients.

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Complete & Affordable Solutions

MTI offers several models of exam and procedure chairs, mobile cabinets, stools, side chairs and lighting specifically designed for ophthalmologists so that caregivers in this space can create an environment where their patients feel comfortable and that they are receiving the highest quality care. We provide the highest quality and safest equipment on the market. We feel like fully-powered, programmable quality and safety should be available to everyone. We manufacture the best equipment on the market at very competitive prices, so that providing quality healthcare is still affordable.

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MTI’s ophthalmology equipment is engineered with innovative technology to make caregivers’ jobs easier and safer while making patient experiences more comfortable. MTI’s SmartTech™ technology is the combination of MTI’s Smart Controller™ and Smart Safety™ technology using a centralized computer controller that enhances safety, reduces energy consumption, and provides smoother movement, additional memory options and more user preferences.

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Ophthalmology Products


Ophthalmology Chairs

Tailored to meet the unique needs of ophthalmologists, MTI presents a practical range of procedure chairs that combines exceptional quality with competitive pricing. Our ophthalmology chairs are designed for flexibility, featuring easily adjustable headrests, multiple accessory options, thin tapered backs, and powered footrest extensions. Enhancing patient care efficiency, our mobile stretcher bed comes with a compact battery for seamless transitions between preparation, procedure, and recovery. Driven by cutting-edge technology, MTI’s thoughtfully crafted chairs address the specific requirements of ophthalmic surgeons with precision and reliability.

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Ophthalmology Cabinets

MTI’s MTC Series cabinets are designed with a touch of European styling for your ophthalmology space. These cabinets showcase rounded side panel edges and molded handles, complemented by premium industrial wood components. With a generous 22” (55.9 cm) deep counter top, sturdy hard rubber casters, and meticulously crafted European drawer construction and hinge hardware, these cabinets offer both functionality and style. The 3 mm drawer/door edge molding adds an extra touch of refinement, along with the resilient counter top edge guard. You have the freedom to select from MTI’s seven Standard Laminate Cabinet colors for the doors and drawers, and for added security, optional drawer locks are available. Elevate your ophthalmology space with the elegance and practicality of MTI’s MTC Series Cabinets.

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Ophthalmology Stools & Seating

When it comes to finding the right seating MTI has a range of options to suit your needs. The 320 and 321 stools offer economical choices with and without an adjustable ergonomic backrest, facilitating easy movement on diverse surfaces. The 322, 323, and 324 stools provide premium hand-operated adjustability, while the 325, 326, and 327 stools stand as the pinnacle, featuring foot-operated pneumatic seating with adjustable backrest options. Each stool ensures optimal support and comfort, supported by dual wheel casters for floor protection.

Enhance your office space with MTI’s versatile seating options as well. Choose between the armless MTI 301 Side Chair or the armed MTI 302 Side Chair to complement your existing décor or create a distinct look.

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Ophthalmology Lighting

MTI offers a range of efficient LED Ophthalmology Exam Lights. The Clarus 4™ is the most budget-friendly and eco-friendly option, with a high-quality 3” light head and adjustable dimming. For maximum brightness, the Clarus 7™ is the top choice, featuring a 3.5” light head with adjustable 7×1-Watt dimmable lighting.

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MTI has sales representatives and/or distributors throughout the world to assist you during the sales and installation process. Our products are sold direct or through a distributor depending on your geographic location and/or specialty.

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