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MTI helps specialty physicians improve patient outcomes, increase caregiver safety and efficiency, and reduce operating costs through intuitively-designed, ADA-compliant and feature-rich specialized medical and dental exam room equipment.

Mission Statement

MTI is committed to producing high-quality and competitively priced products for the markets we serve while being dedicated to our customers, associates, and community. We seek to be the best in our industry and will always strive to do so by employing qualified and trained associates, listening to our customers’ needs and desires, and never losing our thirst for success.

Since its inception, MTI has designed, manufactured and sold exam and procedure chairs and tables, medical cabinetry, stools, procedure and exam lighting, and many related accessories for the Podiatry, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Oral Surgery, and Ophthalmology specialties.

The continued challenge of combatting rising health care costs and advances in ambulatory medical care has influenced MTI to develop an entire family of power chairs/tables, cabinetry, seating, and accessories to meet the needs of medical professionals and patients to help deliver and receive quality medical care at reasonable costs.


Our Story

When Jeff Baker founded Medical Technology Industries, Inc. DBA MTI, Inc., he had already worked in the healthcare field for over 26 years. His time as vice president of The HealthChair Group’s DMI® medical division and his long years working with PDM®, The HealthChair Group’s podiatry division, prepared him for his new venture as he launched MTI in 1999.

Armed with the knowledge of his customers’ needs and desires, Jeff Baker founded MTI to make and sell high-quality patient and physician oriented seating and cabinetry, along with other accessories. MTI designed its first podiatry chair the same year the company was founded, followed by a complete line of cabinetry and surgery chairs for otolaryngology.

MTI’s success and rapid growth led to the construction in 2005 of a technology-rich 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. The building includes green technology, including computer-controlled high-efficiency cooling and heating systems, low-E glass windows, central plenum ceilings, and additional wall and ceiling insulation.



  • 1972

    Jeff Baker picked the path of healthcare because he knew he could build better products that enhanced efficiency, improved positive patient outcomes and enhanced overall experience for healthcare professionals and their patients

  • 1998

    After revolutionizing the healthcare industry as Vice President of DMI & PDM, Jeff Baker, on the verge of retiring, was begged by customers to build a better chair.

  • 1999

    Armed with 26 years of design and manufacturing experience, Jeff Baker and Dee Truong began to forge their own suite of specialized exam and procedure equipment. Shortly thereafter, MTI gave birth to the first universally powered DC chair line for ultra-quiet, smooth, strong, and reliable operation.

  • 2005

    MTI expanded its operations a to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that producing superior quality and reliable products, all made in the USA. These products were shipping all around the world to Podiatrists, Wound Care Specialists, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, Otolaryngologists and Oral Surgeons across the world.

  • 2011

    MTI expanded its product line to the bariatric and wound care market. The 527W and 450W chairs offered a DC powered 800 pound lift , 30” seats and mobile bases. This allowed wound care physicians and nurses to easily transport their patients, reduce injuries and improve their patient care. This was also when MTI invented the patented Leg Wrap Support which offered heel and calf support to wrap the heel, calf and leg for wound dressings.

  • 2018

    MTI launched the first of its second-generation (G2) line of chairs with the 829/830 Procedure Chairs and the 550 Podiatry/Wound Care Chair. These chairs pioneered MTI’s innovative new designs with better patient and caregiver ergonomics as well as the patented SmartTech™ technology. But even more groundbreaking, these were (and are) the first and only M302 chairs to meet ADA compliance standards.

  • 2020

    MTI debuted the 840 Stretcher Bed which introduced ADA compliance to mobile stretcher beds. The 840 optimizes workflows by allowing patients to stay on the same bed from pre-op through recovery.

  • 2021

    MTI launched the 529 Series of Podiatry/Wound Care Chairs. These ADA compliant chairs featured pull-out debris trays, SmartTech™ technology and specially designed for Podiatrists and Wound Care Specialists.

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