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The Future of Cataract Surgery

Over 19.34 million people are needlessly blind due to cataracts. Cataracts cannot be prevented, but they can be cured with one of the simplest and safest surgeries. Cataract Surgery was not always the safest surgery! In 600 BC, cataracts were treated with a technique called couching. The eye would be struck with a blunt object to force the zonules to break, and the lens would dislocate into the vitreous cavity.

future of cataract surgery


Today, Cataract Surgery has evolved into Robotic Surgery, Google Neuron Mapping, FemtoSecond Lasers and more. These 21st Century trends and technologies have instrumental in the evolution of Cataract Surgery for Dr. Bob Cionni and Dr. Kerry D. Solomon. Their varied techniques are highlighted below.

Dr. Solomon – Solutions

The secret to Solomon’s success is his love for new technology and innovative processes. Dr. Solomon wants to create a spa like experience with ambient lighting, comfortable seating, beautiful decor and soothing music to create a sense of peace and tranquility. Click here to learn more.

Dr. Cionni – Simplicity

Dr. Cionni has designed special implants and surgical techniques to improve surgical outcomes for cataracts, congenital lens subluxation and zonular weakness. His insights on suture-less cataract surgery are highlighted in the following steps. Visit Dr. Cionni. Click here to learn more.

Ergonomic Equipment

Medical Technology Industries partnered with Dr. Solomon and Dr. Cionni to develop a superior mobile stretcher bed. The end result was the MTI 840 Mobile Stretcher Bed. The MTI 840 Stretcher Bed allows users to go from pre-op to transport to surgery to recovery all on the same motorized bed. A smart lithium-ion battery powers the 840 without the need for connection to an electrical outlet. The 840 Stretcher Bed helps you optimize your workflow to provide the best patient and caregiver experience possible while quality care remains constant.

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