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Better chairs, better outcomes: This is what MTI precision can do for you

Happy healthcare worker and senior woman talking togetherMedicine is becoming more precise by the week as researchers find new ways to target illness with pin-point accuracy.

The same holds true for all other parts of the medical experience. And as the body of evidence grows to support the basic intuition that a comfortable, well-cared-for patient is, in fact, one more likely to get better, so too does the movement against one-size-fits-all equipment with little to no accommodation for caregivers and patients.

That’s the mindset we take into the design and manufacture of all MTI chairs and products. It’s not a new development over here — we were thinking precision long before the industry trend pushed others in the field to follow suit. To see this in action, take a minute to watch any of our product demonstration videos, such as this one for our 464 Chair.

You’ll note right away that the movement of this power chair is incredibly smooth as it transitions between each of its configurations. That’s due to our patented ComfortSync technology, an ergonomic tool that guides our chairs with none of the jerkiness of other chairs on the market. This is designed to avoid the common “slipping” feeling that patients may experience in these other chairs as they move into reclined positions. In contrast, the 464 supports the full body of the patient as it glides from sitting to a full-length position during the course of an examination or procedure, starting and stopping with a gentle touch that allows a caregiver to position the patient exactly as needed. The delicacy of the chair’s movement might belie its sheer power — with the strength to lift 725 pounds, this chair has the highest-rated patient lifting capacity of any on the market.

The ease of use for practitioner may go even further than that. Check out the EasyView sealed membrane hand controls placed in clear, easily reachable view along the side of the chair. We illuminate these controls with LED lights for added visibility and include directional control plus programmable settings that include an ADA-compliant home position for easy ingress and egress. The chair itself is filled with ADA-minded features such as a swivel base and safety locks to ensure access for patients of all abilities.

MTI in action

The luxurious feel of a chair like this isn’t just to give a practice a point of pride. Consider this interview we conducted previously with facial plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Constantine, of Constantine Cosmetic Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We asked Dr. Constantine why he thought it was important to have the MTI 450 Exam Chair for his practice. He told us that the maneuverability of his MTI exam chair and table allowed him to get extra close to the patient to perform delicate, detailed work in facial procedures; the strength and width of the chair gave him the ability to serve larger-sized patients, including those who visited for his practice’s post-bariatric surgery and post-weight loss services; and the upright motion allowed him to bring patients to a natural position to see in real-time how certain procedures would look upon completion.

While these features are great for patients, they also help me and my staff on many levels,” Dr. Constantine said. “Most of all, we no longer need to put extra strain on our own bodies trying to move, lift or even angle ourselves in positions that are unnatural. This, again, helps us deliver superior results to patients.

That kind of win-win between patient and provider is exactly what we’re going for when designing MTI chairs. Dr. Constantine also told us that the quiet nature of the chair was a major advantage in putting patients at ease.

When a patient comes in for a procedure, especially when it’s around their face, they already have a certain amount of anxiety, and if you place them in a chair that’s uncomfortable, rickety and loud, it just doesn’t add to the experience in a positive way,” he said. “But when you sit them in a chair that’s stable, comfortable and operates smoothly and without noise, it helps them relax and actually enjoy the process.

This ability for the patient to settle in and relax is vital for a positive outcome to the service they receive at your clinic. By checking for excellent service at every point in the visit, you can make a real difference to both the health of the patient and that of your practice.

That’s the ultimate goal of everything we do at MTI. Our focus on the users, on the comfort and dignity of patients, physicians and medical staff, has produced chairs that are truly top-of-the-line. We’d love the chance to prove that to you — contact us today to learn what MTI precision can really do.

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