Choosing the Right Exam Chair

Choosing the right Chair, is one of the biggest investments and decisions you will ever make! There are so many choices to consider before buying your next chair:


  • What manufacturer do I buy from…MTI, Midmark, Brewer, UMF, Hill, Dexta and Boyd ?
  • What power functions do I want….lift, tilt, back or foot?
  • How much weight will I need to lift my future patients?
  • Will the chair width, height and length  fit in my room?
  • Will my new chair meet the new 19″ ADA height requirement?
  • What upholstery fabric or back style will I need?
  • What headrest or arms do I need?
  • What programmable functions can I buy to save me time?
  • What type of controls would I prefer….foot, hand or back?
  • What additional accessories will save me time?

We want to save you time researching options, so we developed this easy-to-use comparison guide to answer all those questions. Click Here to download.

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