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MTI on the JHC Podcast – How Your Practice Can Benefit from ADA Compliant Equipment

Brad Baker, President of MTI, joined The Journal of Healthcare Contracting Publisher John Pritchard in a podcast to discuss the benefits of using ADA compliant equipment for nurses, caregivers and patients.

Healthcare workers are seven times as likely to experience musculoskeletal disorders when compared to other private sector workers, and patient transfers are the most significant contributors to these injuries. Individuals with disabilities often don’t have the proper access to medical and dental diagnostic equipment, so nurses end up physically transferring disabled patients, increasing the likelihood of injuries. And most exam or procedure chairs don’t have a patient transfer surface low enough to accommodate a transfer from a wheelchair or a handrail to support patients transferring themselves.

“When it comes time to purchase equipment, we hope the nursing staff is consulted on whether an ADA compliant exam chair would reduce the likelihood of injuries,” Baker said in the podcast.

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