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How Healthcare Workers Can Avoid Injuries on the Job

Healthcare workers, such as nursing aides, nurses, health aides, radiology technicians, and therapists are the leading group of people when it comes to losing the most time at work because of back pain, and this is partially due to their having to move patients without having adequate medical equipment and tools. Some manufacturers of medical equipment are working to improve this situation by inventing and producing new products that help healthcare workers in the fields of podiatry, dermatology, plastic surgery, oral surgery, otolaryngology, and ophthalmology.

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One respected manufacturer of patient seating has long been developing sturdy, safe, durable, and comfortable equipment that outshines the competition in a number of ways. This company has built in more than the normal lifting ability in its surgery and exam chairs and tables (650 pounds is their standard lifting capacity, but their bariatric models are built to lift up to 800 pounds.)

These products also have ADA-compliant low 19-inch entry and exit heights; floating arms that slide back for easy entry and still serve their function when the chair is flat; and adjustable, locking footrest extensions. These standard product features have contributed to injury prevention in the healthcare industry.

This company is now marketing an additional product feature for helping podiatry and wound care professionals avoid and prevent injuries when handling patients; namely, a strong but lightweight aluminum leg-wrapping support (patent pending) that attaches to the front of the foot sections of their podiatry chairs. This leg-wrapping support functions in two ways: it provides calf support for wrapping the patient’s foot and/or heel; and it provides heel support for wrapping the rest of the patient’s leg. This support is easily moved from one side of the foot section to the other, for ease of wrapping either leg, foot, or heel. This leg-wrapping support is easily cleaned and disinfected because it is coated with a non-porous material.

Healthcare providers are well advised to keep these kinds of product features in mind when purchasing the medical equipment they will depend on to prevent lifting injuries in their staff members.

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