Top 10 Podiatrists

Here is a list of the Top 10 Podiatrists in the United States:

Dr. Matthew P. Hansen

Great staff, short wait time, precise diagnose and treatment.

Dr. Thomas F. Bembynista

I have had pain and swelling in my ankle for many years. I have gone to other doctors that didn’t help. Dr Bembynista stopped my swelling and pain with one injection Read more

Dr. Pedram A. Hendizadeh

My feet thank him! I was in so much pain until i came to see him and he made me custom orthotics. My insurance didn’t pay for them, but they are worth every penny. M Read more

Dr. Evan A. Vieira, DPM, AACFAS

Dr.Vieira is amazing! I can into the office with an awful infection in my toe. I was brought into the back of the office within minutes. I have to say I was very ner Read more

Dr. Christopher J. Calcagni

Six star foot surgeon! He was able to fix my terrible bunion. So happy that I finally got it fixed. Great experience. 

Dr. Joseph A. Conte

He is a very pleasant and caring person. I have used him for 5 years ands would not go anywhere else.

Dr. Victor A. Schechter

I have been going to Dr. Schechter for years now, he really spends time with his patients, helps me understand what is going on with my feet. Him and his office sta Read more

Dr. Christopher A. Otiko

Dr. Otiko cured my toenail fungus. Can’t wait to wear flip flops this summer.

Dr. Peter J. Bregman

I have seen a ton of doctors to treat my terrible feet in my lifetime. Not once have i felt more comfortable with Dr Bregman. I am suprised i was able to get into hi Read more

Dr. Steven M. Blustein

Dr. Blustein treated my plantar fasciitis. Knowledgeable, spends as much time as it takes to educate you, squeezed me in before he left on vacation to make sure I go Read more

*All ratings were pulled by Rate MDS. For more on the ratings click here. 

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