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Medical Equipment Going Green

Over the past few years with the increasing cost of energy and the push to become “green,” that is, use energy, healthcare facilities have been becoming more energy efficient. Eliminating mercury, energy-efficient systems, and integrated design of facilities are some of the ways that healthcare providers are beginning to realize that healing the patient while protecting the environment is mutually beneficial.

Some commonly used equipment is also now making its way to being energy efficient such as LED lighting and low-voltage DC motors without hydraulics used in power exam chairs or surgery tables.

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LED Lighting

With the invention of electrical light, lights immediately made their debut into the operating room, but they had their own problems from the inability to control the light emitted and heat radiation. Fast-forward to today, compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, are now thought of as the energy-efficient light bulb instead of incandescent bulbs. However, light-emitting diode light bulbs, or LEDs, are actually much more efficient. Researchers have been at work on this green technology to make it more affordable to the consumer market before the 2014 deadline, when 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs will be phased out. With new technology today, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are now used to control heat radiation with greater control and brightness of light and a much higher efficiency (Source:

One of the best lights coming to the market now is the Clarus 7 Exam Light. The Clarus 7™ LED Exam Light is MTI’s brightest and environmentally friendly examination light. The Clarus 7™ high-quality 3.5” light head with flexible neck features an infinitely adjustable dimming control and an optimally bright light pattern.

Green Power Exam Chairs/Surgery Tables

Energy was very cheap in early years of electricity coming into the healthcare facilities. With newer equipment coming into use, energy use has sharply increased, and providers were suddenly faced with increasing energy bills. Even smaller clinics and facilities have been impacted by these changes. So with an ever increasing reliance on technology, the push to go green is being felt everywhere in the healthcare industry. Doctors and clinics are turning to using more energy-efficient equipment, even for their power exam chairs and surgery tables.

What makes a power exam chair or surgery table green? One key feature in green medical equipment is that they use low-voltage DC motors instead of AC or hydraulic systems which contain oil which can leak if the unit is damaged. DC low-voltage motors are very reliable, simple to control, and use less energy.

Some of the advantages of using this type of motor are:

  • Less energy used
  • Quieter than AC powered motors
  • Operate smoother than AC powered motors
  • Less complex & fewer components other AC and hydraulic systems
  • Safer than AC or hydraulic systems
  • Do not contain any oil, so no messy oil spills or broken hydraulic lines
  • Use current sensing technology
  • Enclosed in water-safe housing

Long Lifecycle

When making a product more “green,” a manufacturer must consider their product’s lifecycle, and a longer lifecycle is more desirable. Obviously when a product can be used for a longer time, the longer it stays out of the scrap heap. One medical manufacturing company, MTI, is known for using low-voltage DC motors in their power exam chairs and surgery tables. Mitchel P. Goldman, MD, in San Diego, CA, gave an example of MTI’s product reliability and long life when he said the following about MTI and their power exam chairs: “When I opened my new practice 7 years ago, I already had 15 years of experience with multiple examination chair systems. I needed a state-of-the-art system that was quiet, efficient, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. That is why I purchased 15 examination chair/tables from MTI. My examination chair/tables are equipment that I never have to worry about.”

In addition to using low-voltage DC motors, MTI also supplies LED surgery and exam lights to doctors and hospitals across the nation such as the Clarus 7™ LED Exam Light. MTI is committed to continually produce high-quality, environmentally friendly and competitively priced products for the markets they serve while being dedicated to their customers, associates, and community.

For more information or inquiries about the surgery lighting or their power exam chairs/surgery tables, please call MTI’s Sales Department at (800) 924-4655 or (801) 875-4999 or visit their web site at

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