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We Didn’t Get Here Overnight: The History of MTI

compass pointing to excellenceIt’s not an overnight process to start building the best medical chairs on the market.

The story of MTI is one of deep experience built over careers that have spanned decades. Our founder, Jeff Baker, got his start in the medical industry in 1972, rising through the ranks to become an executive on the supply side of the business. He was considering retirement by 1998 but was kept on the job by the demands of his customers — namely, to keep at his work in building a better chair.

A chair for exams and procedures may seem like nothing much in the almost sci-fi world of cutting-edge medical technology. But in reality, the perfect chair is the result of an arduous process of engineering, a campaign centered on both patient welfare and physician need. To put it bluntly, it’s pretty darn difficult.

So when Baker and his business partner got to task in 1999 and founded MTI, it was only with the benefit of 26 years in the trenches of design and manufacturing that they were able to pull it off, releasing the first line of universally powered DC chairs. They were smooth, strong, ultra-quiet and above all, reliable.

That spirit has been a hallmark of MTI since those first chairs rolled out of our Salt Lake City factory. In 2005, we expanded to a new manufacturing facility to create and distribute next-gen chairs, tables, medical cabinetry, stools, and procedure and exam lighting. From there, we’ve built all manner of medical tech for fields as diverse as podiatry, dermatology, wound care, oral surgery and ophthalmology. We’ve secured patents for new inventions, shipped products to health practitioners around the world, and throughout it all, have never stopped in our quest to pioneer new solutions to the rapidly evolving field of health care.

It was that spirit that led us to develop an entire family of powered units capable of lifting and supporting a weight capacity of 650-800 pounds; of designing steel-framed equipment that can flow through an office on swiveled and mobile bases; and of producing medical cabinetry that can be customized for approximately 2 million different configurations, all to your specific needs.

The brawn of these units is matched by their brains and accessibility. Not only are most of our units programmable to your specific user positions, they’re also compliant with the stringent guidelines of the American Disabilities Act. In fact, Jeff Baker has served on committee to develop the specifications to make medical equipment ADA compliant, so you could say these requirements are now coded into our DNA.

The high standards, attention to detail and ease of use is all carefully put together with our end users in mind. Many of our chairs can be ordered with optional transfer supports to provide easy patient entry and exit, no matter their level of ability. Depending on the model of chair, you’ll encounter our SmartTech interface, an MTI-original design that uses a centralized computer controller to enhance safety, reduce energy consumption, and provide smoother movement — all while adding in even more options for user preference.

The breadth and depth of our products has made MTI a one-stop-shop for medical professionals looking to fill their exam and procedure rooms with the best equipment on the market. Our trained technicians handle our installations and our products are guaranteed by warranty for up to one year unless otherwise stated. We stand by our brand and honor the investment you’ve made when you choose to partner with us.

We’re set apart by our commitment to quality and to our patients and caregivers. Everything we’ve done, are doing, and will do as a company has been for those stakeholders, and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

We didn’t build this overnight. But we aim to keep improving day after day to deliver that more perfect chair. That’s our promise to you, and it’s what you’ll get when you buy MTI. Let’s start our journey together — contact us today to learn more about our medical solutions and what they can bring to your practice.

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