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This Might be the Perfect ENT Exam/Procedure Room Setup

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It only takes a little planning to put together the perfect medical/dental office.

Our website makes it even easier by first showing you our products as classified by specialty and then automatically grouping together related items that tend to go well in the same room.

Here’s how you could go about planning the ideal setup for your ENT practice:

  • First, we’ll start with the chair. The 464 Series Exam/Procedure Chair is a great option for several specialties, including both ENT and oral surgery offices. We’re especially proud of this series, which comes fully loaded with our patented SmartTech and ComfortSync control technologies, a high-tech touch that ensures smooth movements and safe operation for physician and patient alike. For those with an eye for aesthetics, the removable upholstery exterior is customizable in 18 different colors sure to fit the wider scheme of your office. This chair is also fully ADA compliant with a swiveling base and accessible design, including movable transfer supports/bed rails.
  • Once your centerpiece is all picked out, we can work our way into the vital supporting features. We recommend the TC100A ENT Cabinet, a piece that may be the all-around best ENT cabinet on the market right now. The cabinet has plenty of customizable space to fit the needs of your office, with a standard configuration featuring up to four allotments for glassware and room for three stainless steel canisters. Of course, standard is just that, and the real hook of buying an MTI cabinet system is fully customizing it to fit your exact needs. You can get about 2 million unique configurations drawn to your exact needs in a collaborative process sure to meet your approval. There are several options for color, finish and other aesthetic aspects, as well as the ability to choose the pressure and vacuum that hits the needs of your work.
  • The comfort of our products isn’t just a feature for patients, so you can expect that your chair will have similar levels of ergonomic design. Take a look at our 331 Foot Operated Hydraulic Pump Stool. Depending on your needs, we recommend you go for the addition of Twin Surgery Arms and Backrest to make the premier chair for a physician looking for that ideal combination of comfort, style and precision. The foot-operated hydraulic lift is delicate enough to give you maximum control over your positioning during minute procedures, and the single wheel hard rubber casters make it easy to maneuver quietly over all types of surfaces with no worries of marking the floor. Efficient for the best work yet soft and comfortable for long days, this seat is a great choice for your ENT office, or really anywhere else.
  • Last but not least, we have the 302 Side Chair to round out your office. This is a comfortable and sturdy exam or waiting room side chair that serves the all-important task of keeping patients and family members relaxed while they’re in your space. As with our other equipment, this chair is fully customizable to match the style, design and color of the rest of your MTI furniture.

All of that, and we’re still just on the furniture. You can find other excellent products on our website including our diverse roster of medical lighting. Starting on one end of the spectrum, you’ll see the discreet, environmentally friendly Clarus 4 Exam Light. This light is our most affordable option and features a long-lasting LED, flexible neck features and great dimming control. As we move to the other side of our listings, we’ll find the seriously powerful MI System Two LED Surgery Light, a workhorse of a light whose 130,000 lux output is best suited to larger procedure and surgery rooms. With all that light, you’d think the MI System runs hot but you’d be mistaken. This high-tech model throws brighter, whiter, cooler and more adjustable lighting than anything that came before it with “virtually no heat emission,” a vital feature for physician and patient comfort.

Still looking for more? MTI also provides gear like dust vacuums, fiber optic lights, instrument tables and specialized recovery chairs. As with everything else we do, this selection is built to a high standard with the goal of providing our medical partners with the greatest possible value.

Our full product catalog is thick enough to remind you of the “Gray’s Anatomy” text that still floats around med schools, but hopefully this exercise has shined a light on the ease of navigating our website to find exactly what you need for a comprehensive office package. If not, our sales staff is ready and waiting to help you find the perfect equipment for your specialty and more importantly, the specific needs of your office.

We’re always happy to answer questions about our products or show off demonstrations of everything they can do. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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