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MTI wins Manufacturing Award

Jeff Baker started his own company, MTI, or Medical Technology Industries, Inc. in 1999 after having worked in the healthcare field for twenty-seven years. (He was the Vice President of The HealthChair Group’s DMI® medical division for two years after having worked for their podiatry division for twenty-five years.) Jeff knew patient seating in and out and up and down. He also thoroughly knew patient needs and desires.

All of this knowledge contributed to MTI’s first product released in 1999-a podiatry patient exam chair. Shortly afterwards came a complete line of medical cabinetry and then specialty Otolaryngology exam and surgery chairs that used low 24-volt DC motors from Europe. MTI was a standard-setting leader in American manufacturing for the patient-seating industry in using this low-voltage European motor technology. The advantages of it were ultra-quiet, smooth, and reliable operation without using hydraulic fluids, positioning sensors, or switches.

The next MTI developments came in the form of a complete line of Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Oral Surgery chairs and tables, stools, and related accessories, all designed with the same low-voltage motors. Following these innovations, in 2001 MTI converted its original Podiatry chair line to the 24-volt motors, as well. In early 2005, as MTI was experiencing rapid growth, it began construction on its 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility. This building is technology rich, boasting computer-controlled high-efficiency cooling and heating, low-e glass windows, extra wall and ceiling insulation, and central plenum ceilings.

More improvements came early in 2007 as MTI redesigned its successful line of Podiatry chairs. Entry heights were lowered, lifting capabilities were increased, and designs were made smoother and softer. These improved qualities led to a Gold Medal award from the American Society of Plastic Engineers in the categories of innovation, design, and unique production techniques.

MTI’s success can be attributed to a number of standards it has maintained: commitment to producing high-quality, functional, durable, strong, reliable, feature-rich, high-tech, ergonomic, state-of-the-art, aesthetically pleasing, quiet and smoothly functioning, elegant, comfortable, versatile, adjustable, competitively priced, CSA-approved, customizable, and affordable products; being a reliable, stable company with a solid track record; seeking to be the best in the industry with the best designed products; giving reliable, customer-friendly service start to finish-from the knowledgeable, honest, and professional sales reps, to the thoroughly trained installation teams who meticulously install the new products for customers, and the ongoing follow-up support, backup, and warrantee coverage. MTI markets its own products-and only its own products-evidence that it believes in its own success.

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