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Health and Safety Announcement – COVID-19

During this critical time of the COVID-19 outbreak, MTI is committed to our customers, distribution partners, teammates, and healthcare providers who rely on us to provide medical and dental devices and equipment.

MTI is considered an essential/life-sustaining business for the medical and dental health industries. We have made preparations to enable us to maintain our operations and our supply chain so we can continue to provide these essential products needed in healthcare facilities.

As MTI provides essential devices and equipment that the healthcare industry needs to diagnose and treat patients, MTI is closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments, our supply chain and required guidelines.

In supporting these guidelines, including states that have issued a “stay-at-home” order, MTI has developed a plan that allows many teammates to work remotely, take the necessary precautions to practice social distancing, to follow CDC guidelines for disinfection practices and to educate our teammates to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

MTI is dedicated to maintaining production of and shipping of these essential products to help in this fight. We will do our best to serve our customers and the healthcare supply chain through this difficult time. We are proud of our MTI team, who are following our plan and continue to take care of each other and our customers.


Brad Baker
MTI | President

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