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830 Story – Designing the Perfect Procedure Chair

MTI embarked on one of the largest projects that we have ever undertaken – design the perfect Procedure Chair.

The journey began on the Medical Diagnostic Equipment Accessibility Standard Advisory Committee. As a member of the committee, Jeff Baker, MTI’s President, played a major role in improving ADA regulations for patients and caregivers with disabilities.

Next, MTI conducted extensive research, exploring our strengths and discussing needs with caregivers and customers. This resulted in hundreds of ideas, which helped develop
the requirements for an ADA compliant chair and the perfect patient and caregiver experience.

Industrial design provided the vision, sketches and renderings for our sleek and luxurious new design.

MTI’s engineering experts developed the 3D models and used 3D printing technology
for many prototypes from the industrial designs.

MTI utilized leading DC low voltage motor technology, SmartTech™ software, thermoform molding, and welding experts to build every intricate part of the chair.

Finally, over 100 safety, strength, FDA, ADA and UL tests were conducted. The 829 and 830 withstood 4,392 lbs. of load and 130,000 cycles. The end result is the first ADA compliant chair with SmartTech™.

SmartTech™ is the combination of our Smart Controller™ and Smart Safety™ technology using a centralized computer controller that enhances safety, movement, user preference, memory and energy.

830 Procedure Chair features:

• 31 SmartTech™ features
• 40+ Deluxe features
• 18.75”-38.6” power lift3
• 0-85° power back
• 0-30° power tilt
• 0-90° power foot
• 7” power foot extension1
• 73” long w/7” headrest extension
• 22” wide – 829 model
• 25” wide – 830 model
• 725 lb patient capacity
• Foot & Hand control
• 5 dynamic memory positions
• Oval Articulating headrest
• 333° swivel (opt)
• G2 plug-n-play accessories

Introducing the All-New

830 Procedure Chair

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